“Syd, I really really enjoyed your book- it is full of vibrance, nonjudgment, positivity, and love!”  

-Cassie Tolman


“Hello Syd. I wanted to thank you for speaking in our class September 10th (Public Relations, at Mesa Community College). It was very inspiring and I hope you recognized the value you brought to our class with your insightful lecture.

I also wanted to suggest you write another book – a short one again – on everyday ways to be happy. It seems you have mastered that very well.

Thank you again for inspiring us. There is a lot of negative out there in the world today, particularly for students who are young adults, and it was refreshing to hear something very positive being spoken for us to absorb.”   – H.A.


 “Thanks for being such a wonderfully enthusiastic and informative radio guest.  You have an open invitation to come back! Best of success with the book. It was a fun interview!”   -Garrison Leykam,  July 17, 2012

——————————————————————————————————————– Thank you Syd for a wonderful conference…;)  I had a great time with you and the other ladies!!!  I plan to attend your conference next year.  – E.B.     Sept. 8, 2012   (First Annual Arizona Conference for Women)

——————————————————————————————————————-I I really like the format of your book, All-Day Energy.  You can just pick it up and browse when you need some inspiration and decide what works for you. Your “wild ideas” are excellent. Also it’s clearly well-researched with backing behind what you say. I thought it was great! And different from what is already available on the market.

Marian Marbury,  Adventures in Good Company

I have lost ten pounds and feel more energetic!   My wife says that my skin has a healthy glow.   I read your book every day.  Thank you!   – Danny

_____________________________________________________________________” I I have had the privilege of working with Syd Hoffman and can say that she practices what she preaches. I love the book so much that I carry it with me as I travel and have purchased a copy for each employee of my organization. Thanks, Syd, for this daily support of health and well-being. – Cathy Jameson, PhD