Who is Syd?

Syd’s philosophy: 

In order to create outstanding health we need to joyfully tweak how we eat and move our bodies.  (Let’s not change everything at once -it doesn’t work!  xo.)

Syd loves to enthusiastically share her:

a) inspirational speeches.

b) motivational retreats and workshops.

c) food and fitness tweaks.

d) clear, sensible advice to help you succeed without surgery, drugs, running, or eating foods that taste like cardboard!


Why Am I So Tired?

If you are experiencing fatigue, burnout, and exhaustion…

All Day EnergyYou need ALL-DAY ENERGY!

In All-Day Energy: 100 Way to Boost Your Energy… Now!  you’ll learn:

  • the best foods for feeling energetic (including many zero calorie foods that don’t taste like cardboard)
  • how to start an exercise program (beginning with 5 minutes a day) and smile at the same time
  • what to eat when you dine out
  • strategies to finally get some sleep
  • about single-tasking (yes, you read this correctly!) even when your are “crazy” busy

This 132 page powerhouse book includes motivation, additional resources, and inexpensive easy-to-implement fatigue, burnout, and exhaustion-fighting tools to give you INSTANT energy, stamina, and vitality.

You’ll learn how to feel great right away!

What are you waiting for?

Let international health and wellness expert Syd Hoffman show you 100 simple things you can do to make a huge impact on erasing fatigue, eliminating burnout, and making fatigue a thing of the past.

She knows these ideas will work for you because she teaches and practices them every day.

And let’s just say, to know Syd is to understand boundless energy.

5 Proof Copies Arrived!

All Day EnergyHow exciting!!!!!   5 “proof copies” of All-Day Energy arrived on Thursday.  Ann, Jeri, Kim, Mary, and I are eagerly looking for anything that needs tender loving care. xo.